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Since the dawn of time, the Hantei bloodline has ruled the lands of Rokugan. The Great Clans govern the lands in the Emperor’s name, each competing for the Emperor’s favour.

The greatest evil the Empire has ever known, Fu Leng, was defeated over 1000 years ago. Since then, there has been a period of relative peace.

That is all about to change…

The Lion / Crane War

For centuries the Lion and Crane clans have been enemies – numerous fights have occured over control of land on their borders. Outside influences have begun to push the two clans towards war.

The Unicorn Clan Coup

In 1126, the Empire was brought to war when Unicorn Clan Champion, Shinjo Yokatsu, marched his armies on Otosan Uchi. Able to defeat the cities defenses with ease, Yokatsu kills the Emperor and any who hold a direct blood line to Hantei. The only one to survive the cull is Hantei Sotorii. The assembled armies of the Great Clans eventually defeat Yokatsu, but the Empire has paid a heavy price.

Home Page

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