Emperor: The 18th year of the reign of Hantei XXXVIII

Emerald Champion: Doji Satsume

Clan Champions: Hida Kisada (Crab), Doji Satsume (Crane), Togashi Yokuni (Dragon), Akodo Toturi (Lion), Shiba Ujimitsu (Phoenix), Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion), Shinjo Yokatsu (Unicorn)

The Three Man Alliance

Following a number of border disputes between the Scorpion and Sparrow clans, Bayushi Tomaru is sent to deal with the minor clan by Bayushi Shoju. The Scorpion forces, expecting their troops to be able to handle anything the Sparrow can throw at them, are surprised when Wasp archers and Fox shugenjas help the Sparrow to repel them. Tomaru is forced to retreat and is publicly rebuked by Bayushi Shoju for his failure. The three Minor Clans meet after the battle and form the Three Man Alliance to prevent further action from the Scorpion.

Courtly Intrigue

It has been a long standing law in the Empire that no Major Clan shall war with a Minor Clan. Bayushi Shoju’s actions came close to breaking this law. Little comes of this transgression however, more evidence of Shoju’s favour with the Emperor.


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