Emperor: The 2nd year of the reign of Hantei XXXIX

Emerald Champion: None

Clan Champions: Hida Kisada (Crab), Kakita Yoshi (Crane), Togashi Yokuni (Dragon), Matsu Tsuko (Lion), Shiba Ujimitsu (Phoenix), Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion)

The Crab and the Scorpion

Following the disgrace of the Akodo and Doji, the Crab and Scorpion take over the duties formally performed by the Lion and the Crane. The Crab are to protect Rokugan from outside forces. Hida Kisada sends his son Hida Yakamo to govern the former Unicorn lands and begins plans to build a new wall in the north. Meanwhile the Scorpion are tasked with protecting the Empire from within. The Unicorn were able to pull off their coup with ease, and must have had spies within the Imperial City. Bayushi Kachiko is asked to investigate these spies to ensure no further threat exists.

Toturi’s Army

Toturi and Hoturi, together with those Akodo and Doji who chose to become Ronin over joining another family, travel north to the Dragon Heart Plains. There they form a basecamp and welcome any other Ronin who wish to join them.

The Lost Sword

Kuni Matsuda, Mirumoto Takishi and Smith were sent invites by the Mantis Clan Champion, Yoritomo, to visit his islands to help solve their pirate problems. Over the last two years, the shipping lanes between the Mantis and the Crane had suffered a number of attacks from pirates. Within the last three months the attacks had increased in frequency and left no survivors to tell the tale.

Investigating the attacks, the magistrates discovered that they were the result of Matsu Shindoku paying local pirates to attack the ships. His plans involved planting evidence to lay the blame at the feet of the Crane, causing further problems for the clan. However, a complication occurred when local fishermen discovered an ancient katana in the waters of the local bay. Yoritomo discovered that the sword was the Lost Sword of Doji Yasuguri, and hoped to return it to the Crane to gain their favour in court. However, the ship carrying the sword was attacked by Shindoku’s pirates and the sword stolen. The samurai guarding the sword were all murdered and, having failed in their quest, returned as yorei. These spirits were the ones carrying out the current attacks, searching for their missing cargo.

The magistrates eventually discovered the pirate‚Äôs hideaway and managed to capture Shindoku. Attempting to return the sword to the Crane, their ship was attacked by the yorei and they were forced to hand over the sword to stop the attack. With the sword returned, the yorei returned to the land of the dead, and Yasuguri’s sword returned to the ocean’s depths. The magistrates received Yoritomo’s thanks for dealing with the piracy problems even though they were unable to save the sword for the Crane

The Siege of Usagi Castle

Asked to investigate a stolen scroll by Matsu Chokoku, Kuni Matsuda, Mirumoto Takishi and Kitsuki Smith travelled to Shiro Usagi. Before a thorough investigation could occur to find the missing scroll, the magistrates found themselves on a mission to the Shadowlands to recover the lost katana of the Hare Clan. Together with Usagi Ozaki, the magistrates we’re able to defeat a band of goblins that had taken control of an ancient Hiruma castle. With the sword in their possession, they returned to Rokugan to continue their investigation.

However, upon returning to Hare lands, they found that a Scorpion Army we’re marching on Usagi Castle. It soon became apparent that the Scorpion Clan we’re claiming that the scroll had been stolen from them, and that one of their own had been murdered by Hare samurai. If the culprit was not made known, they we’re authorised to attack the castle and return what was rightfully theirs.

To prevent the death of all inside, Usagi Ozaki revealed that he had taken the scroll but his reasons for doing so we’re not simple thievery. Whilst visiting Otosan Uchi, Ozaki and his sister Tomoe had overheard Ozaki’s friend, Matsu Akira speaking with a known enemy of his, Soshi Yukio. Fearing his friend was being blackmailed, the two Hare samurai investigated further and found that Yukio had given Akira a large sum of money and orders of some sort.

Ozaki followed Yukio in the hopes of finding out why a Scorpion would be giving orders to a Lion, but was spotted, and forced to kill Yukio in self defence. Ozaki recovered the encoded scroll with the orders on and fled Otosan Uchi. His sister Tomoe had begun translating the coded document and feared that there was some sort of conspiracy at work. When the magistrates turned up, they feared that they too were involved.

Ozaki prepared to deliver the scroll to the Scorpions but his sister decided to deliver it herself. The scroll returned the Scorpion retreated and the Magistrates returned to their regular duties

Additional Information

Matsu Chokoko claimed that the scroll belonged to the Lion clan and was stamped with a Lion mon, but the actual scroll had no such markings. The Scorpion also claim ownership of the scroll. The question remains why Chokoko lied about the scroll and why he would choose the magistrate group to retrieve it? The Usagi believe that some sort of conspiracy exists that we’re trying to retrieve the scroll and Kitsuki Smith recalled seeing the script before, used by his father many years ago.

A few days after the siege of Usagi Castle, Chokoko was injured in a hunting accident and died shortly afterwards preventing further answers being sought.

The Great Northern Wall

The Crab Clan begin construction of fortifications in the former Unicorn provinces but Kisada is unhappy with the progress and tasks Kuni Yori to find a way of magically enhancing the construction process. Yori meets with Yogo Junzo, the Imperial Advisor seeking a means to do so.

The Magistrate of Shadow Forest City

Having translated the message found by Usagi Ozaki, Kitsuki Smith and Mirumoto Takishi investigate Shadow Forest City. They discover that the magistrate there had apparently committed suicide days earlier. Suspecting the involvement of members of the conspiracy, they found a secret room below the city with evidence of recent occupation. Unable to find further information, Kitsuki Smith took what information they had to the Kitsuki Daimyo, Kitsuki Yasu.


The Disappearance of Kitsuki Kaagi

While in Dragon lands, the magistrates discover that Kitsuki Kaagi has been missing for two years. A few days later, Kaagi’s journal arrived at Shiro Kitsuki. Those that began reading the journal mysteriously disappeared and, assuming the book cursed in some way, the Kitsuki hid the journal away in the depths of their ancestral home.

Yori’s Fortress

Kuni Matsuda, under orders from Kuni Yori, delivers a spell box to a watchtower on the former Unicorn lands border. Upon arriving in the area, Matsuda discovered that the area had recently been tainted by the Shadowlands taint. The watchtower was in ruins and dark blood spread around the area. Matsuda continued with his orders, and opened the spell box within the ruins of the tower. Retreating to a safe distance, Matsuda watched as large shafts of dark iron emerged from the ground. These shafts slowly began to form together, creating a crude fortress. Over time the walls of the fortress have began to spread outwards, forming an iron wall heading south towards the Kaiu wall.


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