Emperor: The 23rd year of the reign of Hantei XXXVIII

Emerald Champion: Doji Satsume

Clan Champions: Hida Kisada (Crab), Doji Hoturi (Crane), Togashi Yokuni (Dragon), Akodo Toturi (Lion), Shiba Ujimitsu (Phoenix), Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion), Shinjo Yokatsu (Unicorn)

The Darkfever Plague

Shinjo Smith, Mirumoto Takishi and Kuni Matsuda, together with a large group of junior magistrates, were sent to Phoenix lands after an outbreak of a mysterious disease. The disease, soon known as the Darkfever, caused horrible nightmares and slow painful deaths for all infected. Upon arrival at Kyuden Isawa, the magistrates discovered that the disease was being spread by shugenjas calling on the kami. An ancient scroll details events 200 years previous when Isawa Kuzushi summoned an oni to learn its secrets. The oni managed to overpower Kuzushi and destroy large areas of Phoenix lands before being banished.

Eventually, it was discovered that a decendent of Kuzushi, Isawa Aruka had been tricked by Kuzushi into returning to the site of the original summoning. There, Kuzushi possessed his decendant and began preparations for his return. The Darkfever was the result of Kuzushi’s spells used to open a portal to Jigoku. The magistrates managed to kill Aruka, severing Kuzushi’s link to Rokugan and ending the threat of the plague.

Twilight’s Battle

Mirumoto Takishi, Shinjo Smith and Kuni Matsuda, journey to Crab lands following a request from Togashi Yokuni to visit the Kaiu Wall. There they found that the commander in charge of the wall’s defence, Hiruma Makasu, was making several ill-informed decisions regarding the Empire’s defence. During a patrol of the Shadowlands, Makasu walked his men into an obvious ambush. They were able to escape but not without heavy casualties.

While Hida Shiroi went to fetch Hida Kisada to judge Makasu’s actions, the magistrates were sent into the Shadowlands again. There they discovered that the Shadowland’s forces, lead by a spawn of Oni-no-Akuma, were based out of Haikyo-no-Hiruma. Shortly afterwards, the Shadowlands assaulted the Kaiu wall and, despite the valiant efforts of the defenders, they were able to breach its defences. When all seemed lost, Hida Kisada arrived, giving the defenders time to prepare for the enemy’s final assault.

During the Battle for Shiro Kuni, Shinjo Smith managed to force back the goblin hordes by rallying the Crab soldiers, and destroying their means of climbing the castle walls. Mirumoto Takishi assaulted the threat posed by the numerous Oni and Ogre in the Shadowlands armies, killing a gigantic scorpion oni and Muago, the leader of the Ogre troops. Kuni Matsuda aided the Crab troops by providing much needed healing and bravely leaped at the opportunity to prevent the enemy from breaching the castle’s main gate. In the dying moments of battle, Takishi was forced to end Makasu’s life when the general attempted to open the gates to allow the Shadowlands Hordes to enter the castle.

After days of fighting, the enemy forces were defeated and repairs began on the Kaiu wall.

Togashi Yokuni

Following the successful defence of the Empire from the Shadowlands Horde, Takishi, Matsuda and Smith were all visited once more by Togashi Yokuni. Takishi and Matsuda were thanked for their work in protecting the wall and gifted with Crane and Crab tattoos respectively. Smith was given a panther tattoo, but Yokuni brought words of prophecy as well. “I am sorry. In the days to come, you will lose everything” After Yokuni had gone, Smith discovered he had a second tattoo, a kanji representing the word “Thunder”

The Crab and the Unicorn

The head of the Yasuki family, Yasuki Taka, was seen visiting Unicorn lands this spring. As with much of Taka’s dealings, it is difficult to find information on what he wished to discuss with Yokatsu, but, considering the Yasuki clan’s reputation as merchants, it is likely to do with organising trade routes between the two clans.


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