Emperor: The 20th year of the reign of Hantei XXXVIII

Emerald Champion: Doji Satsume

Clan Champions: Hida Kisada (Crab), Doji Satsume (Crane), Togashi Yokuni (Dragon), Akodo Toturi (Lion), Shiba Ujimitsu (Phoenix), Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion), Shinjo Yokatsu (Unicorn)

The Disappearance of Kakita Hachi

Shinjo Smith, Mirumoto Takishi and Kuni Matsuda are dispatched by Kakita Hojin to investigate the disappearance of Kakita Hachi, a courtier in Matsu Ino’s court. Initial investigations indicate that Hachi had run away with his lover, a Scorpion courtier named Shosuro Kujiko. However, after investigating sightings of a blood-covered ghost, they discovered that Hachi, under orders from Hojin, had killed Kujiko to prevent information linking Hojin to Ino’s betrayal of his brother.

The magistrates found Hachi in the nearby monastery and, after hearing his testimony, aided the dying man to commit sepuku. Reporting back to Hojin, the magistrates chose to report only that Hachi had joined the monastery.

Additional Information

Returning from Ino’s lands, the magistrates encountered Bayushi Yojiro who explained that Kujiko was his cousin and he thanked them for determining what had occurred. A month after the investigation into Hachi’s disappearance, both Matsu Ino and Kakita Hojin were found dead in their living quarters. No witnesses saw who killed the two Daimyos and no evidence was found to indicate who may have done this.

Courtly Intrigue

Word from the Crab courts is that Hida Kisada is displeased with the way the Emperor is dealing with the Crane and Lion situation. Kisada believes that the two clans should be allowed to fight and settle their differences.

Hantei Sotorii

This year Sotorii successfully completes his gempukku. Many are talking about when the Emperor will stand down from his position to allow his heir to sit on the throne (The Emperor is currently 45, 5 years past the usual age of retirement)


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