Kitsuki Smith

A friendly but competitive samurai, he can also be impatient and reckless. He wears outlandish fashions and often refers to strange gaijin customs.


Smith's father (Shinjo Jones) disappeared whilst exploring/scouting a wild area of Rokugan. This happened when Smith was a young boy. Smith's sensei Shinjo Tetsuo took him under his wing and treated him like his own son; to this day there is a strong bond between the two.

Smith's mother is a courtier who travels all over Rokugan as an ambassador for the Unicorn. She doesn't see Smith that often (mainly because Smith reminds her too much of her lost husband) but she is very proud of her son.

Smith lost a dear friend and childhood sweetheart in a training accident (Utaku Cami). A long and intense riding contest resulted in Cami falling from her horse and breaking her neck. Smith feels responsible as he dared her to perform ever more daring but dangerous maneuvers. He committed himself to passing his Genpukku ceremony in her honour.

Smith hopes that he can become a great explorer/warrior like his father and a great ambassador for his clan, just like his mother. Smith will try to achieve this by following the path of Bushido and aiding others. 

Smith is now an Emerald Magistrate and is learning that the empire is built on a shaky foundation of secrets and lies. Secrets and lies!


During the Unicorn Clan Coup Shinjo rejected his clan due to its dishonourable actions and opted to protect the Emperor's son from Unicorn assassination attempts. Smith was not banished from Rokugan with the other Unicorn but instead was allowed to remain. Smith chose the Dragon clan and joined the Kitsuki family.

Smith was distraught that his own family and clan could deceive him and lead a coup. He now aims to develop his talents as a magistrate and use his abilities and training to root out corruption should it ever occur again.


Smith finally located his father in Ryoko Owari and after learning of his father's secret life, decided to contact him in the future via one of the geisha houses in Ryoko Owari.

A few months later Smith almost died from the plague that was sweeping Rokugan. The plague seemed to kill him but he miraculously recovered.

Kitsuki Smith

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