Doji Hoturi

Crane Clan Champion and Doji Daimyo


Hoturi bore little resemblance to his father Doji Satsume. The only thing they had in common were Satsume’s black eyes. Satsume rarely had time for Hoturi, and the little time he did find he much preferred to spend with Hoturi’s more militant brother Doji Kuwanan. After his mother died when Hoturi was only twelve he told his father that he wished to become a Kakita Artisan like his mother. Satsume merely laughed at Hoturi, and enrolled him in the Kakita Dueling Academy. Hoturi’s self-esteem was repeatedly crushed by Satsume’s harsh criticisms, and he strived to make his father proud. This lead him to try to be cheerful and at the same time try to emulate Satsume’s somber attitude.

While Hoturi was enrolled in the Dueling Academy he studied under his mother’s brother, Kakita Toshimoko. He quickly became Toshimoko’s star pupil, and the pair grew close. The Grey Crane would never speak out against Satsume, but aided father and son in better understanding each other. Toshimoko and Hoturi also shared a similar love of women, and would often go on sprees together. They also traveled to the monasteries of the Shintao monks together, where Hoturi met and befriended Akodo Toturi.


Doji Hoturi

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