Shinjo Yokatsu

Unicorn Clan Champion and Shinjo Daimyo


Yokatsu was raised by his grandfather, and grew up hearing tales of his clan’s time in the Burning Sands. The day after his gempukku, Yokatsu declined to immediately take the position of clan champion and instead mounted his horse and departed from his home.

Yokatsu spent the next two years traveling. During his travels he met with strange gaijin, from whom he learned much. One day Yokatsu reached the edge of the Burning Sands. He spent the day mounted on his horse, simply watching and not moving. When the moon rose Yokatsu turned around and left for home, singing songs from his youth.

Upon returning Yokatsu took up the championship and came to be known as the Master of the Four Winds.

Shinjo Yokatsu

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