Mirumoto Takishi


Born to Kisuki Natsumi, a renowned Emerald Magistrate and Mirumoto Akira, a respected physician and scholar, Takishi shows the blessing of his Mirumoto ancestry in ever so slightly elongated and spindly limbs.  Though looking slightly odd, such an unusual physique gives extra speed and precision to the already devastating daisho technique.

Takishi's early years were spent learning at his fathers knee, along with younger sister Yuriko, in preparation for taking the vows of priesthood and becoming a monk.  However, the moods of the fortunes can be capricious and the course of Takishis life took a dramatic turn when his older brother and first born, Ryuko, drowned when the river barge he was travelling in capsized during a storm.

Ryuko had been in training to become a bushi before the terrible accident and Takishi dutifully turned his back on the priesthood and took up the daisho.  He advanced rapidly in the Iron Mountain Dojo, fuelled by his brothers memory and guided by the hand of Mirumoto himself.  He eventually caught the eye of several of the masters and was granted the honour of bearing a set of the sacred weapons of the Dragon Clan, the Twin Sister Blades.  Natsumi could not have been more proud of her son and offered to grant Takishi one wish if it was within her power.  However, Takishi could think of nothing more that he required, he wore his familys armour and wielded the blessed weapons of his Clan; as he needed nothing else to execute his duties, the boon remained unused until he met Asahina Sayuri.

Following his successful gempukku at the Topaz Championship, Takishi and his family began the long journey back to Dragon lands, stopping at numerous Crane villages on the way, each of which seemed to have its own festival in full swing.  It was at one such village that he first saw the beautiful and frail Asahina Sayuri for the first time, falling for her delicate charms instantly.  He knew it was time to call upon his mothers network of contacts and she willingly arranged a meeting.  Sayuri was fascinated by the gangly, cryptic Dragon and blissful courtship of the white-haired beauty ensued.  Despite the age-old enmity between the two Clans, the pacifistic Asahina family saw that a marriage could be one small step in bringing the two families closer together and hence the Crane and Dragon Clans closer together  They soon gave their blessing, which delighted the couple, now deeply in love, and they wed in 1121. 

Takishi then realised he had the skills and weapons to help forge his families destiny, but something had been missing. Sayuri was the last piece of the puzzle, and the couple were overjoyed following the birth of two sons, Hoshi in 1124 and Akahito in 1125, giving him an extra incentive to bring justice to the land in his role as one of the Emerald Magistrates.


Mirumoto Takishi

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