Kuni Matsuda


It appears Matsuda was always destined to be a shugenja, son of a Kuni shugenja and a Tsukai-sagasu, he always had a strong connection to the kami. Unfortunately, some of the kami don't seem to have been informed about his role in life, as his mastery of the air kami could politely be referred to as unrefined.

Matsuda and his brother, Michio, were trained as shugenja at a local temple. Unfortunately, Michio didn't take his studies as seriously as his brother, and was often reprimanded for misbehavior. It was thanks to one of Michio's pranks that Matsuda's career took the path it did, a plan that went so disasterously wrong it cost the lives of a scouting party, and caused the brothers to be expelled from the temple.

As punishment for his inability to keep his brother under control, Matsuda was sent to a minor court on the Crane border. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as Matsuda turned out to be a natural, for a Crab, in court, and thanks to his hard work, he was raised to the position of magistrate for the village. His good work continued and he was taken from his position in the village to become a member of the Emerald Magistrates.

 Died in 1130 investigating the disappearance of Usagi Ozaki

Kuni Matsuda

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